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A friend of mine recently emailed me with a question:

I’m leading a workshop at an upcoming conference and I’d love to pick your brain a wee bit.

Do you have any advice, recommended reading, or informational wisdom-nuggets that helped you along in your presentation path?


A humble speaker newb

My Response

I’m not the most qualified to give advice on public speaking, but here are my quick thoughts anyway.

Best bet is just be yourself. Practice your talk at least 10 times in private. Speak slowly and pronounce everything clearly. If you can, make a video of you giving your talk. You’ll notice any strange mannerisms or verbal oddities you’ll want to correct.

Keep your slides simple. An evocative image with a few words is better than a paragraph. Don’t read from your slides, read from your notes (or better, memorize your material).

In a workshop format just try to keep things casual and conversational. You might be crazy nervous the first few times and that’s okay. The butterflies never go away completely.

Recommended Reading

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Hope that helps, and best of luck!

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